In the last 6 months, thanks to my collaboration with the Euro Gulf Information Centre, I have met many people from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. All the people I have met are interested in a better mutual understanding of our societies and cultures, in promoting innovation and modernization of their countries, and in fighting terrorism.

They may not represent their entire communities but, in many cases, they are among the most educated and qualified. We should or we must rely on them and invest our energies on the progressive opinion former of those countries. To do that, we must not blame a particular religion or entire countries for the acts of terror conducted in Europe. Even after terrible episodes - like last nights' bombing in Manchester, which has destroyed so many young and innocent lives, spreading fear and hate among the adults of tomorrow - we must be strong and rational.

If we accept simplified and destructive rhetoric against "the Muslims" or "the Arab countries", we make a terrible mistake and end up isolating the very reformers and the innovators needed for reform- we weaken them. We need the Arab world to help us just as they need us for pushing their societies into the future and promoting growth, peace, stability and welfare.